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About Industrial Jewellery


Industrial jewellery is an original, modern jewellery brand created by designer Hila Rawet Karni. Inspired by industrial materials, the unique handmade collection features intriguing pieces of sophisticated jewellery, to help you stand out with confidence, in style and life.


A product designer by training, Hila works with raw industrial materials that are not naturally associated with jewellery making, and transforms them into wearable works of art.


Our original handcrafted designs are as sophisticated and unique as the women who wear them. Ropes, springs, rubber and other unusual materials are manipulated and transformed to the point where pieces require a second or third glance to truly recognize their origins.


The result is a versatile collection of intriguing jewellery that serve as an expressive focal point or an understated highlight, to complement and elevate your individual style.

About Hila

Hila designs modern, sophisticated pieces of jewellery that fascinate and intrigue. Her designs are a manifestation of contradictions: materials that are often perceived as rough and unrefined (rubber, stainless steel, springs and ropes) take shape as stunning and unique accessories that exude feminine chic.


“I grew up in a family of trailblazers. My grandfather worked as a carpenter but pursued his passion of wood working through the creation of modern geometrical jewellery that would still look fresh and contemporary today. He certainly stood out in the traditional reality of a small town in Israel, over 70 years ago. My Father is an industrial designer whose design process revolves around questioning, imagining and developing what people want next. He designed from his home studio, and I spent the better half of my childhood there. From early on I was surrounded by art and design, but also faced with unique examples of how it is possible to craft a life on my own terms and create outside of the box. It is only when I grew up that I realised how rare and admirable those models were. “


Inspired by the idea of individuality and the freedom to be yourself rather than fit in, both in fashion and in life, Hila’s designs compliment a clean and urban lifestyle:


“Our brand vision is all about helping women to celebrate their individuality and to feel free to manifest their uniqueness in the world, regardless of external constraints. When I first set out to create jewellery I was designing for my own personal needs. I hardly wear make-up and I was always attracted to a very simple, clean style.

I wanted to create jewellery that would complement my style but would still serve as a statement of my own individuality.”



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