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Jewellery Care

Rope and spring


Be sure to avoid contact with soaps, perfumes and lotions as they may discolour the plating. Do not pull or stretch the ropes too much as it could result in kinking the springs.



​Avoid extreme temperatures and store flat to ensure the PVC holds a smooth and even shape. Light coloured PVC  marks easily so avoid wearing when using substances that may stain. 

Fine lines and metal


The 'Fine Lines' collection and metal components may get scratched if not stored correctly. Either store in the tins provided or keep wrapped in a soft cloth. The plating will wear over time but there are steps you can take to ensure longevity. Keep dry and avoid contact with lotions and soaps.


Lava is a fragile and brittle material so can break if dropped on a hard floor. We do not recommend trying to use as an essential oil diffuse as they can have an unusual reaction with the metal components.

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