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Husk Jewellery X Industrial Jewellery

Hello! I’m Charlie, the studio manager at Industrial Jewellery.

As we prepare the new AW18 collection it is a good time to reflect on how the brand has developed in the time I have been here and how I have grown with it.

I come from a costume design background but started learning how to make jewellery a few years back at The City Lit in London. Although we were encouraged to experiment with mixed media I felt most comfortable creating fine jewellery and developed my own brand ‘Husk Jewellery’. Inspired by nature, ancient artefacts, revivalism, science fiction and traditional materials.

on the surface ‘Husk Jewellery’ couldn’t be more different from ‘Industrial Jewellery’. There are however some aspects we share such as not being trend led but holding true to what inspires us. I would say the designs both share a futuristic edge and the longer I have worked here I have deepened my appreciation for a modern aesthetic. I have found a more clean and minimal look has crept into my designs. Working with unusual and un-traditional materials has really helped open my mind to the possibilities within jewellery and helped me understand the importance of creating a strong brand identity.

‘Industrial Jewellery’ recently launched a new ‘Fine Lines’ collection which I was proud to help develop, using my fine jewellery skills to make prototypes. The range features a custom made aluminium bead which highlights the brand’s focus on using industrial materials but combines this with traditional hand soldered wire formed into geometric shapes. We are all very pleased with the outcome and how well it has been received. We have decided to develop this concept further next season so stay tuned.

Working for an independent jewellery business is not without it’s challenges but the most rewarding aspect is how we handle those challenges and adapt. It is a pleasure to work for a company that welcomes a variety of skills from the team. All opinions and involvement are welcome, and we can all learn a lot from each other. The team have been working hard putting together the new collection and I can’t wait to hear what our customers think of it. To finish off, I would love to share with you a sneak peak at my favourite piece this season, the Rose Gold Gabriella. The colour of the metal has an eye-catching iridescence against the petrol coloured rope underneath and the metal components have such a smooth high-quality finish.

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Anshumalee Patel
Anshumalee Patel
Sep 04, 2019

beautiful collection


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