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IJ Spring Summer 2019 Collection

Not sure if spring has or hasn't arrived in London, but the new collection is launching this week and I could not be more proud.

I am very attached to out inspiration this season as it resonates with some childhood inspirations and my grandfathers' Bauhaus design books. I used to love going over my grandfather's books at my dad's studio, even thought they were all in German and I couldn't make a single word out. They were always so colourful and clean at the same time.

It has been an idea of mine for quit some time now, to go back to these images and design a Red - Blue - Yellow collection. I kept thinking that it might just be too bright for our work as we have made collections in the past with very little colour - I love a good Black & White palate., but this season it seemed like the right time to try it.

I think the result is just so east to wear and perfect for summer and the minute we finished making the samples it was clear that the colours are still super clean and very much in line with the IJ aesthetics. I though the colour might over-shadow the shape but it did the opposite - highlighted them.

Along with this new collection, our newly re-designed website is going live this week too! we'll right more later this week about the new design and re-branding process.

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Semara Hasian
Semara Hasian
25 oct. 2023


leslie donato
leslie donato
11 avr. 2023

I love all your blogs. Its really helpful for my jewelry collections.


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