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Simple, Unique and elegant is what our Stella necklace is all about. One of our all time favourites!

Inspiration photo Maru Light - Small Brass is from the amazing design studio Douglas and Bec.

What inspires me?

I get inspired by a lot of stuff art, design, architecture and nature are some of the few things that really get me going!

I wanted to dedicate a blog post to show you about my creative process, where I find connections, how I think and what gets me designing!

Our cube pendant is inspired by twisted shapes that work together to create a unique and minimal new shape.

Inspiration is from Iacoli and Mcallister

Brass, spring and cotton ropes are what makes our Mattie bracelet.

Inspiration photo from Elizabeth McAlpine

Modern minimalist aesthetics is what the Julia necklace is all about. One of my newest pieces that I love so much. Inspired by Matti Syrjälä concrete lamps.

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han gu
han gu
Jun 03

留学生们面临着各种各样的挑战和困难,其中之一就是完成各种网课作业和考试。对于很多学生来说,网课代修服务成为了他们解决这一问题的最佳选择。通过网课代修 服务,留学生可以轻松获取高质量的学术支持,并保证自己的学业不被耽搁。


Damian Quinn
Damian Quinn
Sep 07, 2023

As I reviewed the images associated with Labor Day, I was struck by the inspiring power and significance of this holiday. Background images with American flags, workers and symbols of labor inspire respect for the efforts of all who make our world a better place. The labor day background images reminded me how important hard work is in our society and how each of us can contribute. They pushed me to a greater understanding and respect for the power of work.

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