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Fathers day @Industrial Jewellery

We've been wanting to get our blog up and running again for a while but you know how the weeks fly by and suddenly - what? is it really June?

Anyway... took it upon myself to get the ball rolling and write a little something about my dad with fathers day just around the corner.

My dad is a huge influence in my life, always has been. He is the most stylish man, a great listener and such an inspiration to me.

I am an only child and very close with both my parents. They have raised me to be who I am and always follow my dreams. They have been the biggest supporters of us moving to London to chase our dreams and even bigger supporters in me setting up 'Industrial Jewellery' and growing it to be the brand it is today.

** In the picture, my dad and I on holiday in Eilat in the 90's ;) **


Running your own business has it's challenges and even more rewards. My family and friends help me constantly, each in their own way. It's lonely at the top ;) and you always try to wear multiple hats and do well in so many fields. When it comes to my dad, he does a lot of product development with the team, bringing his years of knowledge of materials and technologies into our designing process.

At least twice a year my dad and I meet in Paris at the Premiere Classe trade show and it is our best alone time - working, eating well and enjoying Paris!

** In the picture, my dad and I in Paris at the 'Premiere Classe' trade show (me 9 months pregnant;) and a close up on his beautiful IJ cuff links from the Men line **

Looking for the NEVIL cuff links?

Just click the photo and explore the full colour range :)

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